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Professor, Anderson Chandler Fellow, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2109

International finance, corporate finance, contracting and governance; international expertise in capital markets in Japan and South America

Baskett, Michael
Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Film & Media Studies
Summerfield Hall, Room 230

Asian films, particularly Japanese, silent and early world cinema, colonial and diasporic cinemas, film/media history and criticism, and postcolonial film studies

Associate Professor
Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 208

Consumer research on media habits and preferences in emerging democracies

Brenneisen Distinguished Professor, Raymond F. Rice Distinguished Professor
Green Hall, Room 410

International trade regulation, advanced international trade regulation, Islamic law

Brown, Chris
Professor, Environmental Studies Program

Social relations in Amazonian rural development; expansion of soybean production in Amazonia; development and the Politics of Scale

Butler, James J. Jr.
Senior Scientist

Well hydraulics, direct-push methods for hydrostratigraphic characterization, ground-water flow and transport in heterogeneous formations, stream-aquifer interactions, phreatophytes. Experience in China, Korea, and Japan.

Cai, Hui
Assistant Professor
Marvin Hall, Room 418

Architecture; health care design; relationship between culture, human behavior and physical environment

Cai, Zongwu
Professor, The Charles Oswald Professor of Econometrics
Snow Hall, Room 352

Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Quantitative Finance and Statistics

Canda, Edward R.
Professor, Coordinator of KU Spiritual Diversity and Social Work Initiative
Twente Hall, Room 203

Spiritual diversity in social work theory and practice; philosophy of social work; qualitative research methods; international social work; Korean social welfare in relation to Korean philosophy and religions; East Asian and international perspectives on social welfare.

Chi, Tailan
Professor, Carl A. Scupin Professorship
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 4183

International business, the global regime of international business, and business in China.

Childs, Margaret H.
Associate Professor, Department Chair, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Wescoe Hall, Room 2105

Pre-modern Japanese literature, Japanese language pedagogy

Cho, Hyesun
Associate Professor
Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 311

TESOL, second language/literacy education, academic and social identities of language learners and teachers, critical literacy, participatory action research, critical multiculturalism and technology-integrated instruction

Professor, Chairperson
Fraser Hall, Room 748

Gender, religion, race and ethnicity, and East Asian studies; politics of gender and conversion in contemporary South Korean evangelicalism

Professor Emeritus, History

Chinese imperial history; inner Asian history

Associate Professor
Lindley Hall, Room 413A
Librarian for China and Korea Studies
Watson Library, Room 519

International Collections

Chinese and Korean Studies Librarianship

Duan, Changming
Professor, Program Director - Doctoral program in counseling psychology
Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 625

Cross-cultural understanding and multicultural perspectives that enhance the science and practice of counseling psychology

Dwyer, Arienne M.
Professor, Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
Fraser Hall, Room 638

Linguistic anthropology, typology, field methods, media archives; endangered-language documentation; China and Central Asia.

Fiorentino, Robert
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 421

Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics

Fowler, Sherry
Spencer Museum of Art, Room 200B

Japanese art history, Buddhist art history

Frederickson, H. George

Public administration, public administration ethics, theories of public administration, systems of multi-level governance, and American local government; experience in Korea and China

Gabriele, Alison
Blake Hall, Room 420W

Second language acquisition

Gerbert, Elaine T.
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2010

Modern Japanese literature, play in Japan, translation, Japanese language pedagogy

General Manager Emeritus, University Daily Kansasn

International journalism

Research Associate, Center for East Asian Studies

Patricia Graham received an M.A. in Asian art history and a Ph.D. in Japanese art history from the University of Kansas. After working as an Asian art curator in art museums and as a professor of Asian art and culture at several universities, she started her own business​ as an Asian art appraiser in 1993 and is currently one of the few Certified Appraisers of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean arts in the U.S. She continues to be affiliated with KU as an adjunct research associate at the Center for East Asian Studies. 

Megan Greene
Associate Professor, History;

Modern Chinese history, Republican Chinese history, especially ROC science policy on Taiwan

Learned Hall, Room 2143

Geotechnical engineering; geosynthetics; earth-retaining structures, ground improvement, pile foundations, and pavement design. Experience in China.

Head, John W.
Robert W. Wagstaff Distinguished Professor of Law
Green Hall, Room 415

Comparative law, international commerce and investment, public international law international economic law, international public law, comparative law legal history, dynastic Chinese law

Ho, Alfred Tat-Kei
Wescoe Hall, Room 4060U

Performance budgeting and management

Ho, Harper Virginia
Green Hall, Room 412

Comparative corporate governance, corporate finance, and modern Chinese law

Associate Professor
Chalmers Hall, Room 223

Furniture-based sculpture; Asian materials

Ito, Michiko
Librarian; Japanese Studies
Watson Library

Japanese Studies Librarianship

Kaneko, Maki
Associate Professor
Spencer Museum of Art, Room 209

20th-century and contemporary Japanese art history

Professor, Undergraduate Director for Political Science, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies
Blake Hall, Room 521

Comparative politics, Chinese politics, rural political development

Kim, Changhwan
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Fraser Hall, Room 707

Specialized in the areas of work and organizations, race and ethnicity, Korea studies, and quantitative methodology

Assistant Professor
Bailey Hall, Room 213K

International & Interdisciplinary Studies - American Studies

Kim, Minyoung
Associate Professor
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 3165
Kleinberg, Jill
Associate Professor Emerita, School of Business

Cross-cultural interaction in organizational settings (U.S.-Japan, U.S.-China, U.S.-Japan-Mexico); comparative and cross-cultural management; Japanese organizational behavior; management issues in binational organizations; cross-cultural negotiation

Pok Chi Lau
Professor Emeritus, Art and Design

Traditional and digital photography, video and mixed media; social documentary photography on issues such as migration of Asians to the Americas; multiculturalism, diversity and ethnic identity; Chinese migration within and outside China

Lee, Ji-Yeon
Lecturer and Academic Program Associate, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Korean language teaching

Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 208

Political communication, consumer behavior, media credibility, international communication and race and gender issues

Lhunpo, Venerable Champa Tenzin
Lecturer, East Asian Languages & Culture

Tibetan language

Li, Xingong
Lindley Hall, Room 404

Geographic Information Systems

Li, Yan
Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Chinese Program
Wescoe Hall, Room 2111

 Chinese linguistics and second language acquisition

Lindsey, William Robert
Associate Professor
Smith Hall, Room 9

Religion in Japan; popular religious expression and ritual in the Tokugawa period.

Associate Professor
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2183

Social cognition and social perception, influences of social contexts on judgments and decisions, cross-cultural comparisons

McMahon, Keith
Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Chinese language and literature; Late Ming to early modern fiction, gender, and sexuality

McNair, Amy
Spencer Museum of Art, Room 230

Early Chinese art; calligraphy, aesthetics, and Buddhist sculpture of the medieval period in China

Associate Professor, Associate Department Chair
Learned Hall, Room 2150D
Minai, Utako
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 406

First Language Acquisition, Child Language

Minor, Robert N.
Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies

South Asian religions, history of religions methodology, religion and gender

Mitscher, Lester A.
Professor Emeritus, Medicinal Chemistry

Natural products, antibiotics, antivirals, antimutagenics/ chemopreventive agents, antitumor agents; traditional Chinese medicine; green tea

Mizumura, Ayako
Lecturer and Assistant Director, Center for East Asian Studies

Research interests are interracial marriage, sociology of Japan, Asian military wives and globalization in East Asia.

Moos, Felix
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Socio-cultural anthropology

Nam, Yoonmi
Chalmers Hall, Room 212A

Drawing, printmaking, painting, and installation art; Japanese woodblock printing methods

Pan, Yue
Lecturer, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Chinese language

Wescoe Hall, Room 3624

Premodern Japan; social and cultural history, especially traditional Japanese theater, foodways, and urban agriculture; Tibetan history

Hyunjin Seo
Associate Professor, Docking Young Faculty Scholar
Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 207A

digital media, network analysis, public diplomacy, nation branding, public relations

Associate Professor
Marvin Studios, Room 132

Social, cultural, and psychological dimensions in design; global heritage management and architectural preservation; nonwestern traditions in architecture and urban design (special focus on South, Southeast, and East Asian countries); Community design practices (affordable housing and post-disaster resettlement)

Assistant Vice President, Development, Kansas University Endowment Association

Japanese culture and tea ceremony

Stevenson, Daniel B.
Professor, Chair, Religious Studies
Smith Hall, Room 201

Buddhism in China, Tiantai and Pure Land traditions

Stevenson, Miwha
Research Associate, Center for East Asian Studies

Korean history

Maya Stiller
Assistant Professor
Spencer Museum of Art, Room 231

Specializes in Korean Art and Visual Culture; Research interests include traditional and contemporary Korean Buddhist art and culture and Korean ceramics.

Takeyama, Akiko
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 611

Commercialization of feelings, emotions, and romantic relationships

Lindley Hall, Room 114

Geography and culture, Tibetan plateau

Higuchi Hall, Room 104a
Associate Professor
Chalmers Hall, Room 357
Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 200
Vu, Hong Tien
Assistant Professor
Stauffer-Flint Hall, Room 207D

International communication, development communication and changes in newsroom practices amid the rise of technological innovations

Professor Emeritus, Economics

Economic issues in East Asia

Williams, Crispin
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2110

Specialization: Early Chinese paleography, language and culture; Chinese language teaching.

Associate Professor
Murphy Hall, Room 438

Latin American art, folk, and traditional music, nationalism, identity, migration, globalization, and ballroom dancing in China

Xiao, Hui (Faye)
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2109

Specialization: Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature and film

Yamamoto, Akira Y.
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology and Linguistics

Linguistic anthropology; Japanese culture

Yamamoto, Kimiko
Professor Emerita, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2100

Specialization: Korean folklore, Korean language teaching, popular culture in East Asia

Zhang, Jie
Blake Hall, Room 420E

Phonology, phonetics, phonology-phonetics relations, tone languages, Chinese languages

Zhang, Yan Bing
Bailey Hall, Room 101

Intercultural/intergenerational/mass communication in regard to cultural values, age stereotypes, conflict management, and media effects; expertise in China

Zhao, Jane
Associate Professor
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 4134

Strategic management, corporate strategy; expertise in China

Foundation Distinguished Professor
Joseph R. Pearson Hall

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