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Tailan Chi

School of Business - Business
Carl A. Scupin Professorship
Ph.D., Business Administration, International Business, University of Washington
Primary office:
Capitol Federal Hall
Room 4183
University of Kansas
1654 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-7601


International business, the global regime of international business, and business in China.


Ph.D., Business Administration, International Business, University of Washington

M.A., Economics, University of Washington

M.B.A., University of San Francisco

B.E., International Trade, University of International Business and Economics

Selected Publications

Chi, T. & Seth, A. (in press). Rationality in theoretical modeling of collaborative ventures. In F. Contractor & J. J Reuer (Eds.), Frontiers of Strategic Alliance Research: Negotiating, Structuring and Governing Partnerships (pp. 55-66). U.K.: Cambridge University Press. DOI://

Chi, T. Li, J. Trigeorgis, L. G., & Tsekrekos, A. E. (in press). Real Options Theory in International Business. Journal of International Business Studies.

Chi, T. & Seth, A. (2017). Real Option Considerations in Devising a Collaborative Strategy. In L. Mesquita, R. Ragozzino, & J. J Reuer (Eds.), Collaborative Strategy: Critical Issues for Alliances and Networks (pp. 46-42). U.K.: Edward Elgar.

Shenkar, O. Luo, Y. & Chi, T. (2015). International Business. 678. Routledge.

Chi, T. (2015). Commentary: Internalization theory and its relation to RBV and TCE. Journal of World Business, 50, 634–636.

Chen, S. Chi, T. & Poppo, L. (2014). Role of political ties and its contingency on individual and market factors: A study of R&D investment by private firms in China. In Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. (Vol. Entrepreneurship). DOI:10.5465/AMBPP.2014.222

Chi, T. & Zhao, J. Z. (2014). Equity Structure of MNE Affiliates and Scope of Their Activities: Distinguishing the Incentive and Control Effects of Ownership: Incentive and Control Effects of Ownership. Global Strategy Journal [20425791], 4(4), 257-279. DOI: 10.1002/gsj.1083

Li, Y. & Chi, T. (2013). Venture capitalists' decision to withdraw: The role of portfolio configuration from a real options lens: A Real Options View on Venture Capital Withdrawal Decisions. Strategic Management Journal, 34(11), 1351-1366. DOI: 10.1002/smj.2073

Levitas, E. & Chi, T. (2010). A Look at the Value Creation Effects of Patenting and Capital Investment Though a Real Options Lens: The Moderating Role of Uncertainty. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 4, 212-233.

Chi, T. (2009). Subsidiary Operations in China: Learning in an Evolving Institutional Environment. In J. L. C. Cheng, E. Maitland, & S. Stephen Nicholas (Eds.), Advances in International Management: Managing, Subsidiary Dynamics: Headquarters Role, Capability Development, and China Strategy (pp. 241-247). U.K.: Emerald Group Publishing.

Chi, T. & Seth, A. (2009). A Dynamic Model of the Choice of Mode for Exploiting Complementary Capabilities. Journal of International Business Studies, 40(3), 365-387.

Chi, T. & Levitas, E. (2007). An Examination of Options Embedded in a Firm's Patents: The Value of Dispersion in Citations. In J. J Reuer, T. W Tong, & . (Eds.), Advances in Strategic Management: Real Options Theory of Strategic Alliances (pp. 405-427). The Netherlands: Elsevier Science.

Chi, T. (2007). Resource Complementarity, Institutional Compatibility, and Some Ensuing Methodological Issues in Testing the RBV. In D. Ketchen & D. Bergh (Eds.), Research Methodology in Strategy and Management (pp. 19-35). The Netherlands: Elsevier Science.

Acquaah, M. & Chi, T. (2007). A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Firm Resources and Industry Characteristics on Firm-Specific Profitability. Journal of Management and Governance, 11, 179-213.

Seth, A. & Chi, T. (2005). What Does a Real Options Perspective Add to the Understanding of Strategic Alliances? In O. Shenkar & J. J Reuer (Eds.), Handbook of Strategic Alliances (pp. 101-116). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chi, T. Nystrom, P. C., & Kircher, P. (2004). Knowledge-Based Resources as Determinants of MNC Structure: Tests of an Integrative Model. Journal of International Management, 10, 219-238.

Seth, A. Chi, T. & Seth, S. (2003). Operational and Motivational Efficiency in International Strategy and Structure. In A. Rugman (Ed.), Leadership in International Business Education and Research (pp. 177-194). The Netherlands: Elsevier Science.

Chi, T. & Seth, A. (2002). Joint Ventures Through a Real Options Lens. In F. J Contractor & P. Lorange (Eds.), Cooperative Strategies and Alliances (pp. 71-87). The Netherlands: Elsevier Science.

Levitas, E. & Chi, T. (2002). Rethinking Rouse and Daellenbach's Rethinking: Isolating Versus Testing for Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Strategic Management Journal, 23, 957-962.

Chi, T. (2001). [Review of the book Business Strategies in Transition Economies, Michael W. Peng]. Academy of Management Review, 26, 311-313.

Levitas, E. & Chi, T. (2001). A Real Option Perspective on the Market Valuation of a Firm's Technological Competence. In Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (Vol. BPS, pp. F1-F6).

Chi, T. & Liu, J. (2001). Product Life Cycle, and Market Entry and Exit Decisions Under Uncertainty. IIE Transactions, 33(9), 695-704.

Chi, T. (2000). Option to Acquire and Divest a Joint Venture. Strategic Management Journal, 21, 665-687.

Chi, T. & Nystrom, P. C. (1998). An Economic Analysis of Matrix Structure, Using Multinational Corporations as an Illustration. Managerial and Decision Economics, 19, 141-156.

Chi, T. & Fan, D. (1997). Cognitive Limitations and 'Investment Myopia'. Decision Sciences, 28(1), 27-57.

Chi, T. Liu, J. & Chen, H. (1997). Optimal Stopping Rule For a Project With Uncertainty Completion Time and Partial Salvageability. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 44(1), 54-66.

Chi, T. & Roehl, T. W. (1997). The Structuring of Interfirm Exchanges in Business Know-How: Evidence From International Collaborative Ventures. Managerial and Decision Economics, 18, 279-294.

Chi, T. & McGuire, D. J. (1996). Collaborative Ventures and Value of Learning: Integrating the Transaction Cost and Strategic Option Perspectives on the Choice of Market Entry Modes. Journal of International Business Studies, 27(2), 285-307.

Chi, T. (1996). Performance Verifiability and Output Sharing in Collaborative Ventures. Management Science, 42(1), 93-109.

Chi, T. & Nystrom, P. C. (1995). Decision Dilemmas Facing Managers: Recognizing the Value of Learning While Making Sequential Decisions. Omega—The International Journal of Management Science, 23(3), 303-312.

Chi, T. (1994). Trading in Strategic Resources: Necessary Conditions, Transaction Cost Problems, and Choice of Exchange Structure. Strategic Management Journal, 15(4), 271-290.

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Selected Awards & Honors

Carl A. Scupin Professorship
University of Kansas School of Business
2017 - Present

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