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China Lesson Plans

The documents on this page are all PDF files, unless otherwise noted.

An introduction to China

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

China through Children's Literature

Chinese Musical Instruments

Chinese Cricket Cages

The Great Wall of China

Comparing the World's Cinderella Stories

Rice is Life

Seals (Art)

Observations of the Country through Nature

Chinese Inventions during the Golden Age

Mapping China

My Path in Nature (Shitao)

Song Dynasty Landscapes

The Importance of Paper

Xu Bing; Language & Experience

The Red Scarf Girl

Written Language

The Teracotta Warriors

A Closer look at China's Dynasties

An Overview of Chinese Writing

Ancient World Civilization Timeline

Changing Family Structure

Chinese Calligraphy

Comparing Kent State with Tiananmen

Discovering Tangrams

Marketing Chinese Inventions

The Causes and Affects of Desertification

Chinese Literature to Understand Culture

Art During the Qing Dynasty

Chinese Chop, An Official Legal Mark

Duelling Constitutions

Seal Carving

The Voyages of Zheng He

Chinese World History

Chinese Poetry

Invention Bracket Tournament

American Born Chinese

An Introduction to Feng Shui

Big Character Posters

Chinese Brush Painting

Ci Poems from the Song Dynasty

Clay Tomb Figures

Comparing Chinese Communist Propoganda with U.S. Cold War Propoganda

Opium Wars

Propoganda Posters


The Civil Service Exam

The Daoists of Concord

The Great Ming Naval Expeditions

The Ming Dynasty

The Monkey King & The Canterbury Tales Quest Series

Youth Propoganda - MAO vs FDR


China: The Cultural Revolution: Lesson Plan, Poster Assignment, Poster Sample & Worksheet 


The Tang Dynasty (Powerpoint)

Land Reform Game 


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