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Courses focused on East Asia

KU offers courses focused on East Asia in numerous departments and programs across the University. You can find lists of these courses for the coming semesters below.

These lists are based on the KU schedule of classes, plus any additional information we get from instructors, and are subject to change. We make an effort to keep these lists up to date as new information becomes available, but for the official KU class listings go to the schedule of classes.

Upcoming Courses

Summer 2020 Courses (Online)

Fall 2020 Language Courses (all levels)

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Area Studies Courses (Up to 500 level)

Fall 2020 Graduate Area Studies Courses (500 level and above)


Spring 2019 Area Studies Courses [PDF]

Spring 2019 MA Program Courses [PDF]

Previous Course Offerings

Fall 2018 Language Courses [PDF] 

Fall 2018 Area Studies Courses [PDF] 

Summer 2018 Language Courses [PDF] (updated May 1)

Summer 2018 Area Studies Courses [PDF] (updated May 1)

Spring 2018 Language Courses [PDF]

Spring 2018 Area Studies Courses [PDF]

Fall 2017 Language Courses [PDF] 

Fall 2017 Area Studies Courses [PDF] 

Summer 2017 Courses [PDF] 

Spring 2017 Language Courses [PDF]

Spring 2017 Area Studies Courses [PDF]

Summer 2016 Courses [PDF]

Fall 2016 Language Courses [PDF]
Fall 2016 Area Studies Courses [PDF]

Spring 2016 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Spring 2016 Graduate Courses [PDF]

Summer 2015 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Summer 2015 Graduate Courses [PDF]

Fall 2015 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Fall 2015 Graduate Courses [PDF]

Spring 2015 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Spring 2015 Graduate Courses [PDF]

Fall 2014 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Fall 2014 Graduate Courses [PDF]

Summer 2014 Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Summer 2014 Graduate Courses [PDF

Spring 2014 East Asian Graduate Courses [PDF]
Spring 2014 East Asia Undergraduate Courses [PDF]

Fall 2013 East Asia Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Fall 2013 East Asian Graduate Courses [PDF]

East Asia Events

CEAS Fall 2020 events will be held virtually due to COVID-19. Please check our events page & follow us on social media @KUEastAsia for updates. 


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