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CEAS M.A. Program in Contemporary East Asian Studies

Contemporary East Asian Faculty

Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cutltures

Specialization: Korean folklore, Korean language teaching, popular culture in East Asia

Mitsugi, Sanako
Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Japanese language acquisition, adult second language processing (L2) of Japanese

Kim, Changhwan
Associate Professor, Sociology

Specialized in the areas of work and organizations, race and ethnicity, Korea studies, and quantitative methodology

Cai, Hui
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Design & Planning

Architecture; health care design; relationship between culture, human behavior and physical environment

Kaneko, Maki
Associate Professor, History of Art

20th-century and contemporary Japanese art history

Uchiyama, Benjamin T.
Assistant Professor, History

Modern Japan, Japanese colonialism, history and memory of World War II in East Asia, and urban legends in interwar Japan

Megan Greene
Associate Professor, History;

Modern Chinese history, Republican Chinese history, especially ROC science policy on Taiwan

Zhao, Jane
Associate Professor, School of Business

Strategic management, corporate strategy; expertise in China

Chong, Kelly H.
Associate Professor, Sociology

Gender, religion, race and ethnicity, and East Asian studies; politics of gender and conversion in contemporary South Korean evangelicalism

Zhang, Yan Bing
Associate Professor, Communications Studies

Intercultural/intergenerational/mass communication in regard to cultural values, age stereotypes, conflict management, and media effects; expertise in China

CEAS Director; Associate Professor, Geography and Atmospheric Science

disaster management, climate change adaptation, coastal environment

Yoon, Jiso
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Comparative public policy, political communication and media, East Asian politics and public policy in Korea and Japan

Baskett, Michael
Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies

Asian films, particularly Japanese, silent and early world cinema, colonial and diasporic cinemas, film/media history and criticism, and postcolonial film studies

Nam, Yoonmi
Associate Professor, Visual Art

Drawing, printmaking, painting, and installation art; Japanese woodblock printing methods

Xiao, Hui (Faye)
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Specialization: Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature and film

Jungsil Jenny Lee
Visiting Assistant Professor, Korean Art & Visual Culture

Tradition and modernism in Korean art during the first half of the twentieth century; Korean modern/contemporary art within East Asian and global contexts

Li, Yan
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures

 Chinese linguistics and second language acquisition

Kennedy, John
Associate Professor, Political Science

Comparative politics, Chinese politics, rural political development

Mizumura, Ayako
Lecturer and Assistant Director, Center for East Asian Studies

Research interests are interracial marriage, sociology of Japan, Asian military wives and globalization in East Asia.

Ho, Harper Virginia

Comparative corporate governance, corporate finance, and modern Chinese law

Maya Stiller
Assistant Professor, Art History

Specializes in Korean Art and Visual Culture; Research interests include traditional and contemporary Korean Buddhist art and culture and Korean ceramics.

Dwyer, Arienne M.
Professor, Anthropology and Linguistics

Linguistic anthropology, typology, field methods, media archives; endangered-language documentation; China and Central Asia.

Ho, Alfred Tat-Kei
Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration

Performance budgeting and management

Chi, Tailan
Professor, International Business

International business, the global regime of international business, and business in China.

Zhang, Jie
Professor, Linguistics

Phonology, phonetics, phonology-phonetics relations, tone languages, Chinese languages

Canda, Edward R.
Professor, Social Welfare

Spiritual diversity in social work theory and practice; philosophy of social work; qualitative research methods; international social work; Korean social welfare in relation to Korean philosophy and religions; East Asian and international perspectives on social welfare.

Takeyama, Akiko
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Commercialization of feelings, emotions, and romantic relationships

Kim, Hak-Ze
Visiting Assistant Professor, Pre-modern Korea

Cultural history; Intellectual history; Early Confucianism, Daoism, Soen (Chan), Neo-Confucianism, and Practical Learning in China and Korea; Lexicography

Hyunjin Seo
Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communications

digital media, network analysis, public diplomacy, nation branding, public relations

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CEAS offers an M.A. program in Contemporary East Asian Studies.This interdisciplinary degree focused on 20th and 21st century East Asia provides students with in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge of a selected East Asian country (China, Korea, Japan); a broad knowledge of modern East Asia; and social science research skills and methods appropriate to international area studies. For more information click here, or contact Ayako Mizumura, CEAS Assistant Director: or 785-864-1478.

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