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Andrew and Lilly Tsubaki Awards

The Andrew and Lilly Tsubaki Awards provide financial support of up to $500 to undergraduate or graduate students studying Japanese, Japanese culture, Japanese history, or other Japan-related fields to advance their studies. The funds are awarded on a competitive basis according to the quality of the applications. Only one award is funded per year. There are three options you can choose from: 1) Tsubaki JASC Award, 2) Tsubaki Domestic Conference Presenter Award, 3) Tsubaki International Japan Studies Award (for a Japanese language program).

These awards are available thanks to a generous gift from former KU professor Andrew T. Tsubaki (1931 - 2009) and his wife, Lilly. Dr. Tsubaki held faculty appointments in theatre, film, and East Asian languages and cultures at KU from 1968 to 2000. Dr. Tsubaki was director of the International Theatre Studies Center from 1971 to 2000 and director of International Classical Theatre. He was chair of the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department at KU from 1983 to 1990. In addition to his academic dedication, Dr. Tsubaki practiced Ki Aikido martial arts.  He was a fifth degree black belt and a founder of the Kansas Ki Society. He became professor emeritus in 2000.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 15th, 2022 (EXTENDED TO: February 28, 2022!)

1)Tsubaki JASC Award

This award assists qualified undergraduate or graduate students in attending the Japan-American Student Conference (JASC). JASC is a student-led exchange program, initiated in 1934, by university students concerned by the breakdown of bilateral relations prior to the Second World War. Today, an equal number of students from the U.S. and Japan are competitively selected each year to spend one summer month together, studying and analyzing Japan-U.S. relations while visiting four diverse regions in the host country. JASC alternates its host country every year, emphasizing the personal connections between two distinct cultures gathered together in one place. For more information on the 2022 JASC, go to International Student Conferences

NOTE: The 2022 JASC application deadline has passed. You should only apply for this award if you have applied to the JASC and have been scheduled for a video interview in 2022.

To apply for this award, you will need to submit an online application (at bottom of page) that includes an application letter and proof of acceptance to the JASC. The application letter should include

  1. how your participation in the JASC enhances your academic, social, and professional/career development,
  2. your contribution to the JASC as a KU student representative,
  3. an itemized cost estimate for the conference,* and 
  4. costs covered by the JASC.

2)Tsubaki Domestic Conference Presenter Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage and assist student presentations at academic conferences within the United States. It supports students traveling to regional or national conferences to present their research on Japanese cultures, history, and other Japan-related fields. The application for the conference presentation award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who have been invited to present their paper at a conference.

To apply for this award, you will need to submit an online application (at bottom of page) that includes an application letter and proof of acceptance to the conference. The application letter should include

  1. a summary of the research you plan to present,
  2. how the conference presentation will help your academic and/or professional development, and 
  3. an itemized cost estimate for this trip.*

3)Tsubaki International Japan Studies Award (for a Japanese language program). 

This award provides financial support for living and/or travel expenses for one undergraduate or graduate student participating in a Japanese language study aboard program. The Japanese language study aboard program may take place over a full academic year or a semester including the summer program.

To apply for this award, you will need to submit an online application (at bottom of page) that includes an application letter. The application letter should include

  1.  the study abroad program in which you plan to enroll,
  2.  an explanation of how this program fits into your academic and career goals,
  3.  an estimate of the total cost of your participation in the program, and
  4.  a summary of your strengths as an applicant for this award.     

*Itemized cost estimate include the following costs: all transportation, lodging, registration fees, miscellaneous Costs, and the total requested.

Before you submit an application, please make sure you have read and understand the University Travel Handbook and familiarized yourself with any COVID-related travel and/or quarantine requirements relevant to my travel destination (if applicable).

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact Ayako Mizumura,


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