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Current Graduate Students

Name:Jin Zhang (Ariel)

Degree Program: Ariel started the M.A. program in Contemporary East Asian Studies in Fall 2018. 

Background: Degrees:  BA in Changchun Institute of Technology majored in English, and MA in Hainan University majored in Comparative Literature and World Literature. Mainly focused on Science Fiction Movies.

Work Experience:  I once served as the college-graduate village official in rural China, and have been in charge of the birth control and the town and country construction.During my time in office, I have visited the people of the neighborhoods throughout the village and generated great interest in the rural women’s family status, feminization of farm work and other related issues.

Where I'm from:  Huibei province, central region of China. 

Deciding Factor That Brought you to KU: CEAS with its rich academic resources and research fields. 

Academic Interests: Since I am interested in screen culture, mass culture and gender studies, I hope to do further research in the difference of female roles making in movie and teleplay between script adaptation and original work. Although my principal concern is related to China, I am also interested in foregoing related issues in Japan and Korea, and I hope to further discuss the difference of the female role making under different culture background. 

Future Goals: I hope to get a doctoral degree in gender studies and meanwhile to have an internship or work opportunity in UN Women with my own effort.


Name: Muhyettin Erden

Degree Program: I entered the University of Kansas in the 2016 Summer term. My program is contemporary East Asian studies, with a focus on Japan.

Academic Background: I am a graduate of Gazi University in Turkey, where I did three presentations on Japan’s language, culture, and politics. Before applying to KU, I researched its world rankings and research capacities. A friend who had attendedKU also recommended the university highly. I was pleased to be accepted at KU and I appreciate my time here.

Future Goals: After I complete my M.A. and Ph.D. at KU, I return to Turkey to study in a government university. My long-term goals include the building of new bridges between Turkey and Japan in the areas of economics, politics, higher education, and communities.


Name: Zane Hayden

Degree Program: Starting the M.A. program for Contemporary East Asian Studies in Fall 2018. My plan is to concentrate on Japanese contemporary society. 

Background: My education background is a BA with a major in Asian Studies at DePauw University. My focus was on Japan but I took courses on a variety of East Asian nations.

I took a summer internship at the Kansas Department of Agriculture in Manhattan in 2015 and I served under the international marketing group, where I learned about how Kansas plans and negotiates imports and exports with foreign nations like China and Kazakhstan. 

Before coming to KU I lived with my family in Manhattan, Kansas. My father was a former Naval officer so my family has lived around the world. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan.

Deciding Factor That Brought you to KU: The reputation of KU’s Center for East Asian Studies graduate program and location proximity.

Academic Interests: While I enjoyed most of my studies at DePauw I was occasionally held back by class restrictions and requirements for degree completion, so I hope I can freely pursue subjects I’m interested in at KU. My interests are primarily in the cultural aspects of Japan, and my undergraduate thesis explored the intersection between commerce and entertainment in Japan’s gamecenter arcades.

Future Goals: I hope my study at KU can help me secure a career working in Japan or related fields, whether that be ESL-related or other work.


East Asia Events

During Spring 2022, there will be a mix of virtual and in-person events. Please check our events page & follow us on social media @KUEastAsia for updates. 


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