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Funding Opportunities for CEAS Faculty

The Center will grant funds for travel to professional conferences, meetings and workshops, contingent on availability of funds and approval by the Advisory Committee.

More information about travel guidelines can be found here.

2019 Summer Course Development Funding

As part of CEAS year one Title VI initiatives, summer salary is available for the following course development opportunities:  

1. Open Access Instructional Materials for Uyghur 

2. Open Access Instructional Materials for Chinese & Korean

3. New Non-Language Course Uyghur - Tibetan

4. Chinese for Business 

5. Course Redesign for Intelligence & National Security Studies

Please consult the above documents for more details about each opportunity and email your submissions to John Kennedy or Amanda Snider by April 8. They will review your proposal and respond to each applicant by April 12.

Conference Travel

CEAS offers grants to help cover the cost of travel (airfare, etc.) to the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies or other scholarly conferences with significant East Asian content. Generally grants are limited to one per year for each applicant. If funds remain after the first round of competition, second applications may be accepted.
Application deadlines: February 15, 2019.

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International Research Travel Grants

Two to four grants are awarded each year (depending on funding) to support faculty research in East Asia. Grant amounts vary, but are limited to travel expenses, usually cover air fare, and will not exceed $2500. Upload a three-page document that includes a two-page project narrative that explains in some detail what you will be researching and how the research will contribute to future publications, and a one-page travel plan that indicates where you will be and why you need to be there. Fill out the online form with a rough budget that indicates your anticipated costs, and please make sure to indicate what other funding sources you have or will apply for.
Application deadlines: Februrary 15, 2019.

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New Course or Testing Materials Development Grants

Several small grants, up to $2500 each, are awarded each year to support the development of new non-language courses in East Asian studies or language proficiency testing materials for East Asian languages.

Prepare a letter that describes in some detail the course or testing materials you are developing. The letter can be submitted in PDF format using the online application form.

For courses, please indicate what level it will be taught at, how it expands your teaching repertoire, whether it is likely to be of interest to students beyond your discipline, what the subject matter is, and what topics you are likely to cover. Preference will be given to entirely new courses rather than redesigned courses. For language proficiency testing materials, please explain why the test is necessary or important, what it will measure, how it will contribute to the improvement of language instruction or pedagogy, and how it will help to measure student learning outcomes. We will ask you to provide CEAS with syllabi for your new courses, and/or results of tests that you develop and implement with this funding. Application deadlines: February 15, 2019.

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Funding for these programs comes from the KU CEAS Title VI NRC Grant

East Asia Events

During Fall 2021, there will be a mix of virtual and in-person events. Please check our events page & follow us on social media @KUEastAsia for updates. 


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