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Titlesort descending Lesson Plan Document Grade Level Goals and Objectives Country
A Single Shard PDF icon KOREA A Single Shard.pdf 6th Synthesize what is read and heard into a well-crafted product on Korean culture. Korea
A Visit to the Land of the Rising Sun PDF icon A Visit to Japan.pdf 3rd Social Studies Japan
Animals of the Chinese Zodiac PDF icon Lesson Plan_Chinese Zodiac.pdf 5th Students will be able to know animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac China
Artist: Xu Bing (slides) Office presentation icon CHINA Xu Bing.ppt 3-6 The artist explores the link between Language and Cultural Experiences. Powerpoint file China
Asian Seal Carving lesson PDF icon Asian Seal Carving lesson.pdf 9-12 Study seal carving and understand how it is used in East Asian culture China
Celebrating the Chinese New Year PDF icon CHINA_Celebrating_the_Chinese_New_Year.pdf 2nd Name the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. China
Celebrating the Chinese New Year (slides) PDF icon CHINA_Celebrating_the_Chinese_New_Year_Slides.pdf 2nd Name the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac (slides) China
CHINA Asia games: Fingers Out Game PDF icon CHINA Asia games.pdf 7-9 Functional Skills/Leisure Activities China
Chinese Brush Painting PDF icon Chinese Brush Painting.pdf 9-12 Discuss the origins of Chinese Brush Painting. China
Chinese Revolution Lesson Plan PDF icon CHINA Chinese Revolution Lesson Plan.pdf 10-12 Trace the events that led to the end of the dynastic system and the beginning of communist rule in China. China
Chinese Sculpture and the Afterlife/ Creating a Metaphorical Animal Sculpture or Vessel out of Clay PDF icon Chinese Sculpture and the Afterlife.pdf 10-12 Explain the purposes of Chinese tomb sculptures and Chinese bronze vessels. China
Chinese Sculpture and the Afterlife/ Creating a Metaphorical Animal Sculpture or Vessel out of Clay PDF icon Chinese Sculpture and the Afterlife.pdf 8-12 Explain the purposes of Chinese tomb sculptures and Chinese bronze vessels. China
Comparing Confucius’s Analects to Character Education in the U.S. PDF icon CHINAconfucius.pdf 7-9 Compare the Analects of Confucius to Character Traits. China
Daoism in the Period of the Hundred Schools PDF icon Daoism.pdf 10-12 Describe the basic philosophical tenets of Taoism. China
Erika Materials: Body Parts Flash Cards (slides) PDF icon Body Parts Flash Cards.pdf K-12 Slides displaying cartoon depictions of body parts (slides) Japan
Erika Materials: Greetings and Other Basic Phrases PDF icon Greetings and Other Basic Phrases.pdf K-12 Basic Phrases in Japanese Japan
Erika Materials: Introduction to Telling Time PDF icon Introduction to Telling Time.pdf K-12 Talking About Time Japan
Erika Materials: Months Days and Dates PDF icon Months Days and Dates.pdf K-12 Months, Days and Dates Japan
Erika Materials: Number Practice PDF icon Number Practice.pdf K-12 Japanese Number Practice Japan
Erika Materials: Numbers and Age PDF icon Numbers and Age.pdf K-12 Japanese Numbers and Age practice Japan
Erika Materials: Time Practice Worksheet PDF icon Time Practice Worksheet.pdf K-12 Japanese Time Practice Worksheet Japan
Folktales Reflect Chinese Philosophy PDF icon CHINA Folktales.pdf 6-12 Describe the basic beliefs of Confucianism and Daoism China
Human-Environment Interaction: China’s Three Gorges Dam PDF icon CHINA Three Gorges Dam.pdf 9th Learn about the creation of the Three Gorges Dam in China China
Japanese Culture Day PDF icon JAPAN Culture Day.pdf 5th Compare and contrast a Japanese school day with an American one Japan
Japanese Geography PDF icon JAPAN Geography.pdf 5th Locate Japan on a flat map Japan
Japanese Writing PDF icon Japanese Writing.pdf 7th Make comparisons between schools in the U.S. and Japan. Japan
Kirishitan PDF icon JAPAN Kirishitan.pdf 9-12 The student will be able to: identify and recount the story of the Christian community in Japan from its inception to its destruction by the Tokugawa. Japan
Kirishitan (slides) Office presentation icon JAPAN Kirishitan.ppt 9-12 Powerpoint file (slides) Japan
Korea: Relations between North and South. PDF icon KOREA Relations between North and South.pdf 11-12 The student will be able to evaluate the decisions made by the countries whichplayed a role in the Korean War. Korea
Korea: The Division of a Land PDF icon Korea - The Division of a Land.pdf 11-12 Modern World History: Renaissance to the Present Korea
Korean Story Tiger's Whisker PDF icon Korean Story Tiger's Whisker.pdf 9-12 Learn new vocabulary and be able to use the words in context. Korea
MacArthur and the Revision of Japanese Society PDF icon JAPAN MacArthur.pdf 9-12 Explain the desperate state of Japanese society at the conclusion of World War II Japan
MacArthur and the Revision of Japanese Society (slides) Office presentation icon JAPAN MacArthur.ppt 9-12 Powerpoint file (slides) Japan
Paper Cranes PDF icon JAPAN Paper Cranes.pdf 6th Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes: Identify effects of war on civilians Japan
Personal Statement of Purpose - Fall 2015 PDF icon PersonalStatementOfPurpose-Fall2015.pdf The things we value and our core motivations for action impact how we interact with other people and approach challenges.
Resources for Learning About Grasslands File Resources for Teaching about Grasslands.docx K-12 Grasslands in the United States and East Asia (doc version) United States
Resources for Learning About Grasslands PDF icon Resources for Learning about Grasslands.pdf K-12 Grasslands in the United States and East Asia United States
Resources for Teaching with Art as a Primary Source PDF icon Resources for Teaching with Art as a Primary Source.pdf K-12 Seven strategies for using primary sources that are related to thinking-like-a-historian framework and align to specific Common Core State Standards United States
Song Dynasty Landscapes PDF icon CHINA Song Dynasty Landscapes.pdf 5th Know the basic characteristics of Song Dynasty Landscapes: China
Song Dynasty landscapes (slides) Office presentation icon CHINA Song Dynasty landscapes.ppt 5th Powerpoint file (none listed) China
Sumo wrestling PDF icon JAPAN Sumo wrestling.pdf 9-12 Explain why sumo wrestling is a growing phenomenon in the world today Japan
Sumo wrestling (slides) Office presentation icon JAPAN Sumo wrestling (presentation).ppt 9-12 Powerpoint file: Explain why sumo wrestling is a growing phenomenon in the world today (slides) Japan
Taoist Thought in Chinese Utopian Poetry PDF icon CHINA Taoism.pdf 10th Be familiar with the most basic tenets of Taoist thought China
The Anatomical Structures of the Foot/The Effects of Foot binding PDF icon Footbinding.pdf 9th Draw and label the anatomical parts of a normal foot and one that was bound Japan
The Atomic Bomb: Effects on Japan PDF icon JAPAN Atomic Bomb.pdf 10th Identify five factors known today but unknown then about radiation and the atomic bomb Japan
The Japanese Constitution: Traditional Influences, American Impositions PDF icon JAPAN Constitution Lesson Plan.pdf 10th Students will examine the role of historical context in nation-building and policymaking. Japan
The Kite Fighters, a Story of Medieval Korea PDF icon KOREA Kite Fighters.pdf 4-5 Learn about Korean culture and history thru a fictional story set in medieval Korea. Korea
Understanding Korea PDF icon Understanding Korea.pdf 3rd Identify North and South Korea on a world map and map of Asia. Korea
Women in Mongolia PDF icon MONGOLIA Women in Mongolia.pdf 9-12 Identify three important women in Mongolian history Mongolia
Xu Bing: Language and Our Experiences PDF icon CHINA Xu Bing- Language and our Experiences.pdf 3-6 Identify Xu Bing and his artwork from “An Introduction to New English Calligraphy” China

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