College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

David Mai

Assistant Teaching Professor
Film and Media Studies
Primary office:
Summerfield Hall
Room 118F


David Mai is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas. His creative work in narratives, animations, and interactive media is inflected by his interests in experimental forms of aesthetics. His research interests include affect theory, feminist film and critical race theory, anime and manga studies, and horror studies. His notable programs include San Francisco’s Chinatown Community Development Center, SF’s historic Roxie, and the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive, along with writings and VR installations in the online journal cinemedia. His academic work has seen different modes of presentation, from the aforementioned VR installations, to video essays, and to cinemetric film screenings, with the goal of expanding research paradigms and teaching methodologies. In his collaborative film work, he specializes in post-production, working as a picture editor, visual effects artist, or animator.


Teaching Interests: post-production, animation, visual effects


Research interests: anime and manga studies, affect theory, horror stories, feminist film and critical race theory, multimedia education

Selected Work

Camera Operator, A Feast of Resilience, Star Finch, Oakland, CA, 72 minutes, 2021.

Editor, Stop AAPI Hate, Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA, Video Series, 2021.

VFX Editor, Black Magic, Oakland, Rashaad Newsome, CA Video Exhibition, 2021.

Editor, Everyday Heroines and Covid19 in Chinatown, Felicia Lowe, San Francisco, CA, Video Series, 2020.

Producer/Director/Writer, 麥 Sisters, San Francisco, CA, 5 minutes, 2020.

Editor, Anatta, Kun She, San Francisco, CA, 17 minutes, 2020.

Assistant Camera, The Celine Archive, Celine Parreñas Shimizu, San Francisco, CA, 69 minutes, 2020.

Editor, Life After Death, Daniel Julien, Oakland, CA, 53 minutes, 2020.

Editor, The Great Divide, Casey Beck, San Francisco, CA, 16 minutes, 2019.

Producer/Director/Writer, Ashes of Alyssa, San Francisco, CA, 18 minutes, 2019.

Assistant Editor, Queering Yoga, Ewan Duarte, Oakland, CA, 45 minutes, 2019.

Producer/Director/Writer, Pi//owtalk, San Francisco, CA, 6 minutes, 2019.

Assitant Editor, Dear Queer Dancer, Sarah Taborga, Oakland, CA, 28 minutes, 2019.

Assistant Editor, Drip Like Coffee, Anaiis Cisco, San Francisco, CA, 17 minutes, 2019.

Editor, For the Love of a Dog: How Far Would You Go?, Daniel Julien, Oakland, CA, 56 minutes, 2019.

Producer/Director/Writer, Meandering Dance, San Francisco, CA, 2 minutes, 2018.

Producer/Director/Writer, My Body for Bok Choy, San Francisco, CA, 3 minutes, 2017.

Producer/Director/Writer, (), San Francisco, CA, 20 minutes, 2017 .

Animator, Fractured Fairy Tales, 3 minutes, 2017.

Animator, Jethilas, San Francisco, CA, 20 minutes, 2017.

Producer/Director/Writer, Maw in the Dark, San Francisco, CA, 10 minutes, 2017.

Editor, Patrick’s Dilemna, Daniel Julien, Oakland, CA, 47 minutes, 2017

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