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Recent Alumni

Here is a list of Alumni that graduated KU with a degree inclusive of East Asian content. They are listed alphabetically by name.

Allen, Darrell

History, 2004

Darrell Allen teaches at Seattle Pacific University.

Atkinson, Alan

Art History, 1997

Alan Atkinson is a lecturer at the University of Oklahoma.

Avril, Ellen

History of Art, 1983

Ellen Avril is Chief Curator and Curator of Asian Art at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University.

Baker, Janet

Art History, 1991

Janet Baker is Curator of Asian Art at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Baker, Brian

BA EALC, 2000

New York University School of Law, JD, 2006
Davis Polk Wardwell, New York, Hong Kong

Bass, Michael

Art History, 1998

Michael Bass works for the Chinese art department of Christie's New York, Rockefeller Center.

Blick, Sarah

Art History, 1994

Sarah Blick is Assistant Professor at Kenyon College, teaching Chinese and Japanese art history as well as medieval art.

Brock, Karen

Art History, 1974

Karen Brock is Professor Emerita at Washington University in St. Louis.

Brown, Claudia

Art History, 1985

Claudia Brown is Associate Professor of Art History at Arizona State University.

Burlingham, Robin

Art History, 1993

Robin Burlingham is the Asian art cataloger at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University.

Callahan, Joy

Political Science, 2004

Joy Callahan is teaching English in Japan.

Carney (Xie), Margaret

Art History, 1989

Margaret Carney (Xie) is director and chief curator of the Ross C. Purdy Museum of Ceramics in Bowling Green, Ohio, and past director and curator of the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University, New York.

Carpenter, Janet

Art History, 1994

Janet Carpenter is a lecturer at San Jose State University and the City College of San Francisco.

Cha, Jaekwon

Political Science, 2004

Jaekwon Cha serves as the Deputy Director at the Korean Institute of Public Administration in the office of the Korean Prime Minister.

Chance, Frank

Art History, 1976

Frank Chance is Associate Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Chang, Tsenti (Joseph)

Art History, 1995

Tsenti (Joseph) Chang is Associate Curator of Chinese art at the Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Chang, Qing

Art History, 2006

Research Curator at Crow Collection of Asian Art (Dallas, TX), 2016-Present.

Cho, Insoo

Art History, 2002

Insoo Cho is Assistant Professor of Art History at the Korean National University of Arts, a new institute in Seoul established by the Korean Ministry of Culture.

Chou, Diana Y.

Art History, 2001

Diana Y. Chou is Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities at John Carroll University of Cleveland.

Chu, Christina

Art History, 1990

Christina Chu is Chief Curator at the Hong Kong City Museum.

Clark, Paul

EALC, 1994 

Cleveland, Brian

EALC, 2003

Brian Cleveland is a doctoral student in Religious Studies (Japanese) at the University of Illinois.

Dunfield, David

Art History, 1977

David Dunfield is a practicing architect in Lawrence, Kansas, and (happily) a former mayor of the city. He and Pat Graham have a son Lee, age 22, an architecture grad student at the University of Cincinnati.

Dunscomb, Paul

History, 2001

Paul Dunscomb is Associate Professor of History at the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

Dusenbury, Mary

Art History, 1999

Mary Dusenbury is Acting Curator of Asian art in the Spencer Museum of Art at KU.

Faulk, Robin L.

International Studies, 2004

Robin L. Faulk is working for GE as the Senior Learning and Development Manager in Kansas City.

Fister, Patricia J.

Art History, 1983

Patricia J. Fister is Associate Professor at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto.

Gerhart, Karen

Art History, 1992

Karen Gerhart is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Pittsburgh.

Giuffrida, Noelle

Ph.D., Art History, 2008

Assistant Professor of East Asian Art, Case Western Reserve University (2009-Present)

Goodall, Hollis

Art History, 1980

Hollis Goodall is Curator at the Pavilion for Japanese Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Graham, Patricia

Art History, 1983

From 2002 (through June 2006) she directed the Japan section of the Kansas-Asia Scholars Program at KU's CEAS. She now works full-time as an independent scholar/curator and Asian art appraiser. Her book, "Faith and Power in Japanese Buddhist Art, 1600-2005," was published by the University of Hawaii Press in Sept. 2007.

Greene, Kevin

EALC: Japanese, 2003

After Graduation from KU he participated in the JET program from August 2003 until August 2006. Kevin was based in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture and taught English at levels K-12. After retuning to the U.S. he accepted a job at the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago. Kevin works in the cultural outreach section of the Consulate known as the Japan Information Center. His my main responsibilities consist of maintaining the Consulate's website and writing the monthly Consulate web letter.

Greenwood, Kevin

Art History, 2006

Kevin Greenwood, a doctoral candidate in art history, is teaching at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

Gridley, Marilyn

Art History, 1985

Marilyn Gridley has retired from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and continues her research on the art of the Liao. She contributed "Liao Painting and the Northern Grasslands School" to the forthcoming festschrift for Dr. Chutsing Li.

Han, Junghee

Art History, 1988

Junghhee Han is Professor of Art History at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

Handler, Sarah

Art History, 1983

Sarah Handler is a free-lance curator based in California. She does research and publishes on Chinese furniture.

Hope, Nancy

Art History, 1992

Nancy Hope is Associate Director of the Kansas Consortium for Teaching about Asia based in CEAS at KU.

Hsieh, Shih-ying

Art History, 1993

Hsieh Shih-ying is a curator at the National History Museum in Taipei.

Jensen, Edith

Anthropology/EAS double major, 1972

After graduating from KU in 1972, she became a Peace Corps Volunteer in Korea from 1973-1975 as a teacher of English as a second language. In 1980, she married a Swedish exchange student and has lived in Sweden ever since, on an island off the west coast. Her background comes in handy, however, as she still teaches ESL, now in a virtual classroom on the Internet, and most of her students are from China, Japan, and Korea.

Jordan, Brenda

Art History, 1993

Brenda G. Jordan is Assistant Director of the Asian Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh and Adjunct Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture. She serves as Director for the University of Pittsburgh national coordinating site for the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA), one of seven national coordinating sites. She also is the Japan Studies Coordinator. She is married to Hiroshi Nara (Linguistics, 1987), who is now Chair and Professor of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. They have one daughter, Erika (b. 1997), and live in Forest Hills, near Pittsburgh, PA.

Ju, Jane C.

Art History, 1989

Jane C. Ju teaches at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

Kao, Arthur Mu-sen

Art History, 1980

Arthuur Mu-sen Kao is Associate Professor of Art History at San Jose State University.

Kim, Hong-nam

Art History, 1976

Hong-nam Kim is Director of the Korean National Folk Museum and Professor at Ewha University in Seoul, Korea.

Kim, Sung-lim

Art History, 2000

Sung-lim Kim is a Curatorial Assistant at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and finishing her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kindall, Elizabeth

Art History, 1995

Elizabeth Kindall is Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Utah.

Koike, Yuko

Linguistics, 2002

Yuko Koike is Visiting Instructor in Japanese at Colby College.

Kucera, Karil

Art History, 2002

Karil Kucera is Luce Assistant Professor of East Asian Visual Culture in the departments of Asian Studies and Art & History at St. Olaf college in Northfield, Minnesota.

Kurata, Thomas

EALC, 1975

Thomas Kurata is a Chief Representative of OSIsoft, Inc. in Shanghai.

Lai, Hsiang-liang

Art History, 1987

Lai Hsiang-ling is Executive Director, Dimension Foundation for Art Education, Taipei.

Li, He

Art History, 1990

He Li is Associate Curator of Chinese Art at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Liu, Frank

Political Science, 2006

He graduated in 2006 from the department of Political Science. He now works as an Assistant Professor, teaching research methods, public opinion, and political communication in the Institute of Political Science at the National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Lu, Ling-en

Art History, 1995

Ling-en Lu is Assistant Curator of Chinese Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

MacLaren, Bruce

Art History, 1999

Bruce is the Curator of Chinese Art, Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA

Maniwa, Kazumi

Linguistics, 2002

Kazumi Maniwa, former EALC GTA, is teaching at Carnegie Mellon.

Martin, Hui Wang

Art History, 1999

Hui Wang Martin and her husband Brian, are the proud parents of William Brian En-hong Martin, born October 1, 2004.

Mayo, Christopher

EALC, 1996

After nearly ten years living in Japan, where he worked first as an English instructor, and later as a freelance translator and translation instructor, Chris returned to KU from 2005-2007 for an M.A. in Japanese Language and Literature. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the East Asian Studies Department at Princeton University.

McIver, Adam Stuart

EALC, 2003

Adam Stuart McIver is currently working for the Federal Government.

McNeal, Eric

Art History, 2002

Eric McNeal is Assistant Registrar for Exhibitions at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, AL.

Morton, Dianne

Art History, 2001

Dianne Morton is teaching at Oklahoma State University

Mowry, Robert

Art History, 1974

Robert Mowry is Alan J. Dworsky Curator of chinese Art and Head of the Department of Asian Art at the Harvard University Art Museums.

Niswander, Rex

Chinese; East Asian Studies, 1976

Rex is an attorney and record producer in New York City. He is also a member of the board and Secretary/Treasurer of Tibet Aid, Inc. in Woodstock. He was executive producer of a CD of international lullabies, called Night Wheel, released by Laughing Buddha Music in October 2006, with half of the proceeds dedicated to the support of orphaned and impoverished Tibetan children, including those in Tibet and those in exile.

Oka, Midori

Art History, 1995

Midori Oka is Museum educator for Asian Collections at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Pan, An-yi

Art History, 1997

An-yi Pan has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Cornell University. He and Robin Burlingham (M.A., Art History), have two sons, Julian and Aidan.

Patterson, Mina

EALC, 2007

After graduating from KU Mina participated in the JET progmamme from August 2003 to August 2004. Mina was placed in Ebina, Kanagawa ken and taught at three different high schools. Mina currently teachs English at a junior high school in Ofuna, Kanagawa ken.

Pine, Charles Sidney

EALC, 2004

Charles Sidney Ray Pine has moved to China to teach intercultural communications.

Richardson, Munro

EALC, 1993

MA, East Asian Studies (Harvard 1995); M.Phil., International Relations (Oxford University 1996); Candidate, Ph.D., Political Science (Univ of Illinois 2006-Present). Employment: Director of Special Projects, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Saito, Yumi

Linguistics, 2004

Yumi Saito, former EALC GTA, is working for Cisco Inc. in Tokyo and teaching Japanese to international business people.

Seo, Audrey

Art History, 1997

Audrey Seo is Assistant Professor of Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

Steuber, Jason

EALC, 1996 

In 2008, Jason Steuber was named the Cofrin Curator of Asian Art at the University of Florida's Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art.  Previously, he worked for 12 years in the Asian Art Department at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City as an Assistant Curator as well as served as the Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellow at Glasgow University, Scotland in the History of Art Department.

Tamura, Yuichi

Sociology, 2002

Yuichi Tamura is teaching at SUNY Geneseo.

Tenckhoff, Diana Y.

Art History, 2002

Diana Tenckhoff is Assistant Professor of Art History at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

Thorp, Robert L.

Art History, 1980

Robert L. Thorp is Professor Emeritus at Washington University in St. Louis.

Tsai, Hsing-li

Art History, 1997

Hsing-li Tsai is an independent scholar living in Vancouver, Canada.

Wan, Qingli

Art History, 1991

Qingli Wan is Professor of Art History at the University of Hong Kong.

Weitz, Ankeney

Art History, 1994

Ankeney Weitz was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Colby College.

Welch, Matthew

Art History, 1995

Matthew Welch is curator of Korean and Japanese Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Wetzel, Sandra Jean

Art History, 1991

Sandra Jean Wetzel is Assistant Professor of Art History, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She continues to research courtesan painters in Ming China.

Williams, Tim

Oriental Lang & Lit, 1972

Tim spent the last 30 years doing business in China. He now lives in Hainan where he has a company providing advice to inward and outward investors and promoting three professional golf tournaments for the Asia Tour

Wilson, Richard L.

Art History, 1985

Richard L. Wilson is Prfoessor of Art and Archeology as well as Director of Japan Studies at International Christian University in Tokyo. His research includes japanese archaeology, especially of the early modern period; painting, ceramics, lacquerware, and publishing of the Rimpa school of japanese art; and Japanese tea ceremony.

Wood, Donald

Art History, 1985

Donald Wood is Chief Curator at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, AL.

Wu, Philip

Art History, 2002

Philip Wu is Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Tunghai University in Taiwan.

Yang, Siliang

Art History, 1996

Siliang Yang is Regional Managing Director at PROS Revenue Management in Houston. On June, 14, 2006 PROS Revenue Management announced the successful completion of the first all-China Revenue Management Workshop, which was held in the Zhejiang Xizi Government Guest House in Hangzhou, China. Yang chaired the workshop. He also remains engaged with contemporary Chinese painting.

Yi, Jeong-Kweow

American Studies, 2002

Jeong-Kweow Yi works at the Korean Buddhist Association of New York in Flushing.

Ying, Yen-chuan

Art History, 1979

Yen-chuan (Grace) Ying is a member of Academia Sinica in Taipei and the Graduate Institute of Art History of national Taiwan University.

Yoshiaiki, Shimizu

Art History, 2006

Shimizu Yoshiaiki is Marquand Professor of Japanese Art at Princeton University.

Yu, Fangfang

Geography, 2002

Fangfang Yu is a Lecturer in Environmental Studies at Albright College in Bern, PA.

Zhang, Qiuxia

Political Science, 2002

Qiuxia Zhang is teaching at the Lanzhou University in China.

Zhang, Yan Bing

Communication Studies, 2002

Yan Bing Zhang is Associate Professor at KU.


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