Statement on Racial Violence

June 4, 2020

Dear CEAS Community,

In the midst of turbulent times in our society, we at CEAS stand in solidarity with our colleagues, students, and community members who are grieving. We strongly support the local and nationwide protests in reaction to the death of George Floyd, as well as deaths of countless other Black people in the United States. Racial equity and justice remain key to the mission of our Center, and the long history of racial inequality and racially motivated violence in our country underpin the importance of promoting these goals.

Whether in East Asia or in our neighborhoods, racism is unacceptable. We will continue working to better promote diversity, understanding, and inclusion, and to use our voices to call out inequality and discrimination in all its forms. We encourage you to use your voice to have hard conversations that move us all forward, to communicate with local leaders, and to reach out to state and national elected representatives to push for real change in policies that protect Black lives.


John James Kennedy, CEAS Director