Eight people standing in a line side by side wearing colorful Japanese Yukatas

The Center for East Asia Studies strives disseminate East Asian studies to a vast array of audiences in the Great Plains region. Whether you area current KU student or faculty member, a member of the community, a local educator or K-12 student, CEAS invites you to explore East Asia at the University of Kansas and beyond.

The Center for East Asian Studies has an outreach initiative for each type of audience including K-12 Educators, community college and minority serving institutions (MSI) and regional partners and more! Please select a link below if you would like to learn more opportunities and resources for those specific audiences. 

CEAS also semi-annually hosts a large celebration of Lunar New Year and the Harvest Moon Festival. CEAS leads presentations for K-12 classrooms including language teaching, hosts language tables, provides professional development workshops for K-12, community college, and minority serving institution educators, and more! Have a question about outreach? Contact the CEAS Outreach Coordinator.

Unable to attend an event in person? Don't worry! Many of our events are hybrid or recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. 


Harvest Moon Festival

CEAS hosts a Harvest Moon Festival within the same week that the celebration is held across East and Southeast Asian countries. The Harvest Moon Festival celebrates the harvest season when the moon is at its' fullest.

The CEAS Harvest Moon Festival includes tabling, activities, performances, and a sampling mooncakes. The event is free and open to everyone at KU and in Lawrence and the surrounding communities. 

2 Japanese Students wearing colorful Japanese Yukatas

Japanese Students, Yui & Mona wearing Yukatas at the 2023 Harvest Moon Festival.

Woman playing a large and wooden harp

Professor Yuka Naito-Billen playing the harp at the 2023 Harvest Moon Festival.

A dance crew performing in white and black clothes

Unity Hip Hop Dance Crew performing at the 2023 Harvest Moon Festival

Lunar New Year

CEAS hosts a Lunar New Year celebration within the same week that the festivals are held across Eastern Asian. This celebration marks the beginning of the lunisolar calendar as well as the arrival of Spring.

The CEAS Lunar New Year includes tabling, activities, performances, and a sampling of East Asian cuisine. The event is free and open to everyone at KU and in Lawrence and the surrounding communities.

Dancer in Pink tradition Chinese attire dancing  with a handheld drum

Wanwan Cai performing a traditional Chinese dance at the 2024 Lunar New Year

Chinese lion dance performing in a large crowd

KU Lion Dance performing at the 2024 Lunar New Year.

Students practicing Chinese calligraphy

KU Chinese Student Association assisting students with Chinese calligraphy.

Cultural Workshops

CEAS leads several cultural workshops/events year-round in each of our five culture focuses: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan and Uyghur. These workshops vary in content such as cooking classes, tea ceremonies, film showings, academic talks and more!

These workshops are always free and are hosted on the University of Kansas campus or Lawrence area. Some events may require to RSVP. To stay up to date on upcoming workshops/events, follow @kueastasia on social media or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.


Women stands behind a wooden podium

Activist Aileen Smith gives a presentation about Minamata to KU Students

Three women standing in a room with wooden chairs

Assistant Director, Ayako stands with daughters of Japanese War Brides after a showing of a documentary about Japanese War brides.

Japanese woman showing two others how to make Japanese food

Japanese Cooking Class at Sunrise Project in April, 2023.

Kite Festival

CEAS in partnership with the Spencer Museum of Art host a Kite Festival close to the end of each Spring semester.

The Kite Festival is an opportunity to learn more about kites and art within East Asia. The event includes kite making and decorating, displays, demonstrations, and performances. This event is a great opportunity for families to learn about the physics of kites, art and culture of East Asia, as well as celebrate Children's Day!

The event is free and open to the to everyone at KU, in Lawrence and the surrounding communities. We hope to see you there!



Line of tables with various household items atop

Attendees decorate kites at the 2023 Kite Festival

two people flying kites

Attendees fly the kites they just made at the 2023 Kite Festival.

children sitting in grass looking at a group of Japanese martial art performers

Children observe Japanese martial art performances at the Kite Festival