Travel Grants


The Center will grant funds for CEAS faculty travel to professional conferences, meetings, and workshops, and for international research contingent on availability of funds and approval by the Advisory Committee. Generally, travel grants are limited to one per year for each applicant. If funds remain after the first round of competition, second applications may be accepted. For more information about travel policies, please read the CEAS travel guidelines and UKANS Travel Handbook 2021.


Conference Travel Grants

The CEAS awards Conference Travel Grants (up to $400) for professional meetings or other scholarly conferences with significant East Asian content. 

  • This application requires only conference and travel information.
  • NOTE: Title VI funds cover only US air carriers.

International Research Travel Grants

The CEAS awards International Research Travel Grants (up to $2,500 each) to support faculty research in East Asia. Grant amounts vary, but are limited to travel expenses, usually cover air fare (see note above), and will not exceed $2500. 

  • This application requires a three single-spaced page document (PDF format) that includes:

    • a two-page project narrative that explains in some detail what you will be researching and how the research will contribute to future publications, and
    • a one-page travel plan that indicates where you will be and why you need to be there. 
  • You also need to fill out the online form with a rough budget that indicates your anticipated costs, and please make sure to indicate what other funding sources you have or will apply for.

Funding for these programs comes from the KU CEAS Title VI NRC Grant.