Five departments and units at the University of Kansas offer fifteen undergraduate and graduate degrees with an East Asia focus. Other departments have East Asia area studies courses and area specialists who work with graduate students on East Asia-focused theses and dissertations, but their degrees are not East Asia specific.
Joseon period painting of people enjoying themselves in a boat

Art History

The Kress Foundation Department of Art History offers graduate degrees (M.A. and Ph.D) with an East Asian Art concentration.

Art History Degree Programs

Taipai night market with blurred movement

Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) is no longer admitting students into its Contemporary East Asian Studies master’s program. The program has been moved to Global & International Studies as a Contemporary East Asia concentration. Information concerning this program is only for currently enrolled students.

CEAS Degree Program

Reenactor of a Japanese horse archer

East Asian Languages & Cultures

The Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures (EALC) offers 6 bachelor's and 4 master's degrees in East Asian languages and cultures.

EALC Degree Programs

Hong Kong skyline

Global & International Studies

The Global & International Studies (GIST) program offers a master's degree with an Contemporary East Asian concentration.

GIST Degree Program

Buddhist carvings at Maijishan Grottoes, China

Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers a master's degree with a Religion in Asia concentration.

Religious Studies Degree Program