K-12 Education Outreach


CEAS offers multiple opportunities each year for educators to learn more about how to incorporate East Asian content into their classrooms. With the support of our Title VI Department of Education National Resource Center grant for 2018-2022 and the Kansas Consortium for Teaching about Asia, we are able to offer these workshops at no cost to educators. Learn more about our workshops below!

Educators attending a workshop

East Asia in Your Classroom

Connect with CEAS to bring East Asia to your students! We currently offer virtual and in-person options to provide you with resources and expertise to bring East Asian culture and history to life in your classroom.

Woman in kimono telling a story with paper cut-outs of animals

Lesson Plans

CEAS offers free lesson plans for your K-12 classroom. Explore our plans to find ways to incorporate East Asian content into your art, science, history, and language arts classes! Each lesson plan includes state and national standards as well as links to all necessary resources. Let us know if there are other topics you would like to see included in our offerings!

Child's hand painting with brush and ink