Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellows

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The FLAS is pretty rad.

Hamlet Arrieta
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Chinese)
Timothy Cichanowicz  headshot

Remember the original reasons why you wanted to study your language and think about how studying this language will help out your personal and professional development.

Timothy Cichanowicz
Graduate FLAS Fellow (Chinese)
Delwyn Davis headshot

The FLAS has opened up a lot of opportunities for me this year, and I am excited to see what I can do with this support!

Delwyn Davis
Summer and Graduate FLAS Fellow (Korean)
Nicole Giam headshot

The FLAS Fellowship provided me with the financial support to pursue the life changing experience of studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.

Nicole Giam
Summer FLAS Fellow (Chinese)
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FLAS is more than just a scholarship. It is an investment in your future, and an opportunity that you should not pass up. The world is waiting, and the carpet is rolled out for you.

Kyle Graznow
Graduate FLAS Fellow (Japanese)
Henri Groves headshot

FLAS will help me to pursue my passion for the Korean language and culture!

Henri Groves
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Korean)
Annamarie Hilton headshot

Through learning another language, you open so many pathways and opportunities to meet people and have experiences that you might not have been able to previously.

Annamarie Hilton
Summer FLAS Fellow (Japanese)
Keely Huff headshot

With the FLAS Fellowship, I will be able to focus my efforts on diligently studying Korean in an intensive way that will ensure I don't become overwhelmed by the fast pace that comes with learning a language.

Keely Huff
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Korean)
Jayhawk statue in front of sunset.

It is never too late to learn a new language, and you will appreciate how many meaningful connections you will make.

Nicholas Hwang
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Chinese)
Cano Katsunuma heashot

The FLAS Fellowship has allowed me to finance studying abroad in Japan for a full year. I am so excited at the opportunity to meet new people and improve my Japanese!

Cano Katsunuma
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Japanese)
Collin Keating headshot

FLAS provides an opportunity for people to pursue their passions in language and involve themselves in something important.

Collin Keating
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Japanese)
Kaitlyn Loffland headshot

Receiving FLAS enables me to continue my language study and presents me with opportunities to be a part of something larger.

Kaitlyn Loffland
Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Japanese)
John Lubianetsky headshot

The FLAS fellowship has enabled me to pursue further study in a language that I’m passionate about and provided opportunities to further enrich my academic career.

John Lubianetsky
Summer and Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Chinese & Uyghur
Daphne Wagner headshot

My FLAS fellowship helped add a second major to my degree plan because of the Korean credit I earned from my summer in South Korea.

Daphne Wagner
Summer and Undergraduate FLAS Fellow (Korean)