Combating Anti-Asian Hate: Engaging K-12 Students in the Fight against Discrimination

(Date and registration information TBD)

With 6.8 percent of the US population identifying as Asian American or Pacific Islander, it is the fastest growing demographic in the country. Yet, the experiences of this group have long been overlooked and misinterpreted. The increase in anti-Asian violence over the past year underscores the need to foster more awareness and understanding. Discrimination against Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities has a long history, from the Chinese Exclusion Acts to the myth of the "model minority," and the pandemic has added a new chapter to this story.

This free virtual workshop will enable educators to learn from experts, receive classroom resources, and gain the perspective needed to engage with students about the complex history and current challenges facing the AAPI population. The Center for East Asian Studies is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we strive to promote East Asian languages and cultures throughout Kansas and the region to raise awareness of and combat anti-Asian racism.

This workshop is done with the support of CEAS’s Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant and the Kansas Consortium for Teaching about Asia.