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CEAS Year of Migration

The Center for East Asian Studies’ (CEAS) 2023-2024 programming, which focuses on migration, kicks off with two Global Asia speakers and a film series. All CEAS events are free and open to the public.

Kansas Program Helps Women Transitioning Out of Incarceration Learn Technology

The National Science Foundation gave KU a three-year, $1.6 million grant to help women transitioning out of incarceration learn about technology. The program aims to help former inmates by offering resume building, Google and Microsoft Office classes.

Bhala writes third edition of landmark text, "Understanding Islamic Law (Shari'a)."

International trade law expert, Dr. Raj Bhala, has written the third edition of his landmark 2011 text, “Understanding Islamic Law (Shari’a)," thoroughly updating it to account for the shifting legal and geopolitical landscape.

Shanhe University Is the Perfect Chinese College. Except It Doesn't Exist.

Normally, it takes decades — sometimes centuries — for a college to gain fame and build a reputation. But Shanhe University is an exception. It’s the perfect college in every way…except that it’s not real. 

KU Professor Curates Summer Show in Seoul to Create Space for Mother-Artists

Sunyoung Cheong, KU assistant professor of visual art, creates an exhibition for mother-artists in South Korea that investigates how motherhood affects the life and work of visual artists. 

Complex Motivations of Chinese Wartime Scientists Revealed in New Research

When countries are simultaneously engaged in war and their own nation-building efforts, as was the case in Nationalist China during World War II, they become more dependent on scientists to conduct applied research, develop industry, and engage in modernization projects that align with the state’

The Blame-China Game (Podcast)

China increasingly gets scapegoated for any crisis involving the economy, security or global health in the U.S. Jack Zhang, assistant professor of political science at the University of Kansas, studies how a nation that has at times been allied with the U.S.

KU Pianist Will Perform World Premiere of "Song of Spring Outing"

The Asian Classical Music Initiative (ACMI) and the University of Kansas Center for East Asian Studies will present the world premiere of "Song of Spring Outing," a solo piano piece composed by Chen Yi, a distinguished professor of composition at UMKC Conservatory. 

New Study Reveals Steady Rise in Multiple Funding Methods Needed to Pay for College

A new study by ChangHwan Kim, KU professor of sociology, reveals the proportion of students juggling three or more funding sources for college has increased, and these students have also become less likely to obtain a graduate degree.

Trade, Tensions Between US-China Reaching New Levels

United States' trade with China reached a record level of $690.6 billion last year. Meanwhile, political tensions with America’s third-largest trade partner have never been higher, according to an expert in trade and U.S.-China relations.

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