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Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Benefits from "Cultural Landscape" Approach

It has been a generation now. Long enough, Kapila Silva believes, to pronounce the "cultural landscape" approach, the broad-minded historic preservation efforts of the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization, better known as UNESCO, a success.

KU Announces Appointments to Support International Engagement

The University of Kansas Institute for International and Global Engagement (KU-IIGE) was launched in February to enhance KU’s international scholarship and global engagement efforts.

KU Names Five New Distinguished Professors

Five University of Kansas professors have joined elite company by being named distinguished professors.

KU Language Center That Trains Military Personnel Receives Funding Through 2025

The Language Training Center Program, a DoD initiative established in 2011, leverages U.S.

Professor's Book Chapter Traces Evolution of Chinese Law

China is a major player on the world stage, and nations around the globe watch it carefully to see what steps it will take next politically, economically and legally.

"Model Minority" Perception Complicates Identities of White-Asian Multiracial Males

The term “model minority” was first coined by sociologists in the 1960s to describe Asian Americans as a group that has purportedly achieved greater success in the U.S. compared to other ethnic minorities.

New Book Explores How Schools Can Prepare Students for an Uncertain Future

As technology evolves and changes the world at a faster pace than ever before, two veteran educators have written a new book that explores how schools can prepare young people for a globalized future that is still taking shape.

New KU Institute Will Align and Connect KU Global Efforts

A longtime leader in international scholarship and global engagement, the University of Kansas is launching a new institute to enhance its overall efforts by strengthening the connections among its established international centers and aligning those strengths with KU’s rich institutional interna

How Network Connectivity, Collective Action Made Historic South Korean Impeachment Possible

Hyunjin Seo, Oscar Stauffer Chair in Journalism, explores how a rapidly evolving information ecosystem affected the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye in her new book, "Networked Collective Action: The Making of an Impeachment."

Author Documents Ancient Graffiti of North Korea

Art historian Maya Stiller's new book, "Carving Status at Kumgangsan: Elite Graffiti in Premodern Korea," examines the graffiti carved into rocks in the sacred mountains of Kŭmgangsan.

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